La Bottega delle Arti

Our products

We have selected the best of Italian handcrafted products in order to give our customers a wide choice of up to date products.

Murano Glass

Our blown glass objects are handcrafted by master craftsmen using the most refined processing techniques of Murano glass.

Even today, our Masters work this material according to techniques that are handed down from generation to generation, but with an eye for innovation, giving life to true works of art of indescribable beauty.

Glass fusion

Our glass fusion is a very delicate and traditional way of working with glass and consists of placing the decorated glass on a work surface or a mould made from a refractory material. This is then placed in the oven and is brought to fusion temperature (about 800° C). The glass is kept at this temperature for a varied amount of time depending on the aesthetic effect required and is then left to slowly cool down to room temperature in the oven in order to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

A complete cycle of heating and cooling in the oven lasts from 8 to 12 hours. It is also possible to make custom designs based on customer requirements.

Inlayed boxes

Intarsia is a form of wood inlaying that is similar to marquetry and plays an important part in the history of Sorrento and the entire peninsula. This technique was established and began to develop along with tourism around the middle of the eighteenth century and represents one of the main pillars of the towns economy. It’s charm still remains intact today.
The wood comes in different forms and colours and is crafted by experienced artisans. The end products range from modern musical boxes to exquisite jewellery boxes


La Bottega delle Arti offers a wide range of textiles which range from cotton to linen, mixed or pure, and silk.
They are all weaved by artisan companies from Campania Umbria and Tuscany and who have over thirty years experience in the trade. Thanks to the reliability and skill of our craftsmen we can offer our customers made to measure items such as tablecloths, runners and sheets.

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