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Jewelery cabinet inlaid in light blue-stained maple


Jewelery cabinet 45 × 45 cm (17,7″x 17,7″), 100 cm high (39″), made up of two lockable doors on the top and a flap-open top under which there is a mirror and various storage compartments, on the bottom by two large drawers and, moreover, visible and accessible only with doors open, further 4 drawers set up to store any type of jewel, all upholstered in tobacco-colored velvet. The inlay is a floral motif with bright colors in light blue-stained maple wood. The finish is in bright gloss to enhance the colors and the beauty of the inlay. Also available in: with floral inlay in bright colors in Californian walnut in combination of canaletto walnut and feathered walnut wood interspersed with black and white inlaid threads with floral inlay in soft colors in Ferrara briar wood

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